Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Beginning.....

I look at my life in two phases, numbing terror and utter joy.  Now, I live in utter joy because of my Suzanne and my Guy.  Before utter joy, I lived numbing terror.  I don't know for sure how long I lived like that.  I don't like to talk about it but I will.  My name is Little Grace and this is my story.

June 2010
It is hot here, in this place.  It is stifling and the smell hurts my eyes and my head.  I have to try to stay off the floor because there is nowhere to walk.  There is no clean place to go to the bathroom.  I try to be invisible.  There are so many of us here.  I don't know everyone, just a few....I am scared all the time.  Some of the others are mean.  There are fights for territory and food.  Eating is hard.  We are fed in piles.  Piles of food. The shy and timid cats like me don't get to eat.  I have to prowl around and eat the regurgitated remains of someone else's dinner.  My teeth have been hurting and I think I may have lost a few.  There is one shining light for me here, in this place.  My best friend Chance really tries to stick by me.  She looks out for me and does her best to shield me from the horrors that are visible and invisible.  I feel there is a change coming so I hold on to hope because life isn't really supposed to be like this, is it?

End of July 2010
There has been some activity here.  Strange people knocking on the door.  I heard words like "animal control" and "condemned".  A cat named Zoe has been talking to me.  I can't see her but I hear her.  She tells me to hang in there because someone is coming for me.  I don't know who Zoe is.

There are some new people walking around here with masks on and long sleeve shirts.  It is hot out and they are wearing long sleeve shirts.  From my hiding place, I can see Marion walk right up to one of them.  Marion is showing them around and pointing out some of our hiding places.  What is going to happen?  Hey...they took Marion!  She calls out to all of us..."Pull yourselves together gang....this is it!"  What does she mean?  I can't see Chance to ask her.  I will just stay here.

Early August 2010
I am so scared!  A big gloved hand just grabbed me and put me in a small space!  I don't know what is happening!  I hear soft voices and I hear loud noises and some yelling.   Where is Chance? Do they have her too? 

I am in a dark room and I am by myself in this space.  A cage? I have my own litter box?  Is that food?  Just for me?  Huh.   Is this what Marion meant?  There are people here, talking and being gentle.  I am scared and confused.  I take a few quick glances around and I see Chance right next to me!  Oh Thank Goodness!  Chance! Chance! I am right here!  She winks at me.  Phew!  I wonder what she has done to her cage because it is a mess.  She piled all her stuff in the back.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said "I want to make them work for it."  Ok, what ever that means.  Do I feel safe?  I don't know. I will take Chance's lead on this one. I feel different.  Is this good? 

The original house


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