Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Scoop"...Trappin' and Savin'

We have had such wonderful feedback on our blog that some of the other cats want in on the action.  Radley has been nominated by the cats in the Blue room to be a regular guest blogger and author of the soon to be feature called "The Scoop".  He will bring all of the Orange Street Cats news to the world!   Ehh hemmm, got a bit carried away.  Please welcome Radley with open paws!  
Blinks and Purrs-
Little Grace

Original Orange Street Cat Radley here reporting from the Blue Room with The SCOOP!

Facebook friends from across the globe ask, “So just how many cats did you people pull from peril last week?” Good questions friends!  Let me give you the run down by day:

Monday, April 1, (no-April-fooling!) 
The day began when trusty trappers Debra and Cathy teamed up with Diane (Foster Mom ....hugs! ) to coordinate a day long campaign to go and get seven cats that were left in a condemned apartment after their mom was hospitalized, never to return.  Scotty, Sissie, Don, Dominic, Mia, GiGi and Sarafina were trapped (with some pretty clever maneuvers by Cathy and Debra) and transported to a safe house where they are now being cared for and await vet appointments for shots and likely spay/neuter surgeries.

(Sound of a siren in the back ground) 
Calling all fosters and all kind cat people with an extra room in their house and extra love in their heart – this is a fine time to let us know that you will take in a foster cat.  It has done wonders for me!  Email the humans at cats@orangestreetcats.org for more information!

Swept out with the furniture.
The next call came mid-afternoon from a local animal control officer about kittens that were left behind an apartment complex! OSC cat guy Erik grabbed a few carriers and sped off to the scene. (Go Erik, Go!) What he found when he got there was a grumpy building manager who finally let him through to the back court yard.  Erik was able to find a momma cat and her kitten – just one kitten. After frantically searching through the discarded rubble he confirmed that there were no other kittens.  He got momma and baby out of the cold, into the carriers and brought them to safety.  They were able to slowly get warm and have a small snack.  Erik was watching "The Bible" when he got the call, so he decided to name the boy kitten Samson and mom, Delilah.  They are doing well so far and will need full vet care. (Oh and that Samson...just a furry grey fuzzball!)

Moving on to Tuesday, April 2!  
A recently rescued OSC cat, named Black Kitty (BK), and Pippin, a buff colored 8 month old kitten, came our way in need of a new home. The story is sad because they were loved but there was a serious adjustment issue for BK. OSC always makes it clear that if there is an unforeseen issue, post adoption, that we will happily take the cat back. (Foster Mom Chris said it is in the contract!)  Their person made a courageous and difficult decision and entrusted OSC with finding them a forever home. (Which....hello...we are really good at!) They are fully vetted.  (Phew!)

OK – that’s eleven cats and kittens.  Nothing happened Wednesday, but on Thursday April 4…
Street cat was found with one paw swollen three times the size of the others! OSC got the call about Elliot and dug deep in their collective reserve because this street cat was in so much pain he had a hard time getting out of the way of the cars.  So the OSC crew got him and brought him directly to the wonderful Dr. Jenny Gavin at the Capitol District Emergency Veterinary Clinic where the report was that he had an abscess and terribly infected paw.  Dr. Gavin and her top notch team wasted no time, got that paw clipped and cleaned, did some routine medical care and gave this stinky, rather filthy fellow a tubby. He’s healing up well and is on antibiotics.  He still needs his shots and neuter surgery.

So there you have it, four days and twelve cats!  I will keep you posted on how they are doing.  
In the meantime, please consider supporting us by coming to the Bowl-A-Thon this Sunday – it’s going to be a hoot  and the OSC folks sure could use your help to make this event a huge success.  Biggie, Elvis, and I are all ready to cheer the bowlers on!

Signing off for now, I’m Radley and that’s The Scoop.

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