Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Beginning....Part 3.... The New Beginning

Hi!  Little Grace here.  This is part 3 of my story.  See part 1 here and part 2 here.  In part 2, I wrote about the picture that Suzanne and Guy saw on the internet.  I found the picture and added it to this post.
Blinks and Purrs,
Little Grace

THE picture that brought us here
Chance and I have been in our foster room for a couple of days now.  When Suzanne brought us here,  Guy greeted us and he seems nice.  He is tall though.  I am a little unsure.
We have a room all to ourselves!  There is a big bed that I like to hide under.  That is where I went as soon as I was let out of that tiny cage.  When Chance was let out, she quickly checked out the 2 big windows, cried a few times and then joined me under the bed. 

Suzanne and Guy laid down on the floor to talk to us while we were under the bed.  I think the first day, they spend hours with us just talking and letting us get used to their smell and voices.  That night, Chance and I came out from under the bed and explored.  We have 2 big windows that look out into the front and side yard.  I could smell other cats but didn't encounter any.  There is a big litter box for just me and Chance.  Wow!  We have food bowls and fresh water.  There is also a basket in the corner with things in it.  Chance said they are toys. Never heard of "toys".   I peeked to see what was on the big bed.  There are blankets and small beds and a big pillow.  Lots of warm places.  
I only come out when it is dark in the room.  It seems to me, when it is dark, there are no humans.  That is the safest time.  When it is light, there is always a chance that a human will open the door!  

Guy brought in these white circle things that making pinging sounds.  Chance calls them ping pong balls.  Oh how these things bounce around!  At dark time, I chase those things fun!  Chance joins me sometimes and we have 2 going pinging all over the room!  Suzanne calls this playing.  Sometimes she says funny things.

A few weeks later, late October 2010
Chance and I have been here in this room a while now.  I like it.  I like it here.  Suzanne talks to me and I blink at her.  I have let her pet me just a little.   I don't like hands coming at me and she has figured this out.  She only pets me on my back. I usually stay under the bed when humans are in the room but Chance will join them.  I am not ready yet.  When it is quiet, I will sometimes join Chance on the bed.  One time, I was so tired....I didn't even hear the door open and Suzanne got a picture of us!  
Guy brought in a green fluffy thing on a stick and blaahhhhh.....I love it!  He swings it around on the floor and I just want to jump on it.  Guy "plays" with us for hours (I finally understand what playing is!) with the green stick toy.  Chance and I get crazy chasing after it.

In the mornings, it is bright because the sun streams in the windows!  Suzanne comes in and opens the curtains so we can enjoy the sun all day.   I sit in the window for a long time.  There are birds and squirrels and all kinds of things to look at out there.  It is amazing....I am safe in here yet I can still enjoy what is happening out there.  What is that I am feeling?  Warmth?  Is this what Chance calls love?

Suzanne keeps talking about going to adoption day and that we have to get ready.  Chance said that means we have to go back in to the carriers.  I don't want to do that!  I like it here.  Why can't I just stay here?  Suzanne explains things to me a lot.  I think she just likes to hear herself talk but I actually listen to her.  Chance translates for me.  She has talked a lot about being a foster Mom.  Chance said foster is just temporary and adopted means permanent.  So I guess that means that Suzanne and Guy are just temporary.  That makes me feel sad.  Chance said that for us to find our permanent, we have to go to adoption day.  Suzanne has said that Orange Street Cats is going to work really hard to get me and Chance adopted together.   I believe her.  

March 2011
Suzanne says that Chance and I have come a long way in a few months.  We have free reign of the house. We eat and play with the other cats.  I still like to go into my room at night.  I have so much joy here.  I feel safe and loved.  I have learned a lot and I am not afraid as much.  Here are 2 things that I have know for sure.....One: Adoption days stink!  I hate getting in the carrier.  I hate driving in the car.  I hate being in a crate.  Suzanne and Guy are always there with us but still!  People look at us and there is talking and poking fingers.  Suzanne tells us every time "maybe today is your day".  The other thing is I know is.....Suzanne and Guy are the one's.  I know it.  Chance knows it. Zoe tells me this is "the place", "the someone".  Too bad Suzanne and Guy don't know it yet. 
What?  We aren't going to adoption day tomorrow?  Why?  My heart is soaring! I have no words, just purrs.  Chance helped me translate, this is what Suzanne and Guy said...

Me and my new sister Bitsy
"Chance, Little two belong here with us.  You are part of our family now.  Our hearts break when we imagine someone else taking you home.  We want you here.  We love you and we will always take care of you.  You don't have to be afraid anymore.  You don't have to be separated.  Would you like to be part of our family?"  Purrrrr, Purrrr, Purrrr.  My Suzanne and My Guy. Utter Joy.


  1. U giz r killin' mi dad wid dese stories. hez usaly a tuff guy but den he reads dese an getz all choked up and startz huggin me till i gets too hot...

    ur pal,

    Bingo Katt

  2. the author has incredible insight....I can hear my own fosters begging me to stay, oh dear what to do