Friday, April 5, 2013

The Beginning....Part 2

Part two of my story!  See Part 1 here
Blinks and Purrs,
Little Grace

September 2010
I have been in this cage for weeks.  There are many people that come take care of us, every morning and every night.  They are nice I guess.  People come to my cage and speak softly to me and sometimes they try to touch me.  I brace myself because I don't understand human touch.  Before this, it was rough and uncaring.  Now, it seems ok but I just don't know.  Sometimes, I don't like how someone smells.   

I am wondering what is supposed to happen.  I don't want to be in this cage forever.  I never get to walk around and stretch.  Some of the other cats have gone.  I have heard the people (Chance calls them "volunteers") say some were adopted and some are in foster homes.  I don't know what that means.  Can one of you volunteers explain it to me?  Zoe has been talking to me again.  She said that it is happening soon.  I thought whatever was supposed to happen already did.  I don't know what she means.  I asked Chance and she doesn't know either. 

Hands! Hands! Grabbing! Wait! Where are you taking me?!  Chance!  Chance!  I don't want to leave you!  I don't want to go back to that place.  Wait!!!!  I am back in a small space, it is dark and I hear talking.  The energy is nervous and that makes me terrified!  What if they bring me back to that place?  I was trying to be good!  I made sure not to make a mess. I hear Chance too.  Thanks goodness, at least she is going with me!  Someone named Iris (a "volunteer" Chance says) is saying that she is taking me and Chance to a foster home.  I still don't know what that is so I am scared!  Maybe it isn't the same place but I am scared anyway.   Iris is talking about a picture that someone saw on the internet of me and Chance and they wanted to foster us together.  Is this what Zoe meant?  Iris said that Chris (Chance says that is another "volunteer") cried when she heard someone wanted to help both of us.  

We are stopped and my cage is moving.  Iris is talking to someone.  Do I know that voice?  It seems somewhat familiar but I can't place it.  I don't think we are going back to that place.  We are moving again.  Chance is crying a little bit, I think just to make her presence known.  I am glad.  It soothes me to hear her.  The new person said her name is Suzanne.  She is going to be our Foster Mom.  I like her voice.  I am still not sure what Foster means.  Suzanne is saying that there are other cats at her house.  That worries me.  How many other cats?  Do I have to eat in piles again?  Do I have to fight for space again?  I don't want to do that anymore.  Zoe said this is it.  This is the someone.  I am curious and nervous and maybe a teeny bit interested.   What is next for me and Chance?

Me in a cage in the Garage


  1. Love the narrative! Thanks for helping me "be there"!

  2. Tears. Beautiful. Really got the heart of the little cats in this.

  3. love the blog,the "author" writes from the heart, a cat's heart........